This site contains five different folders. The Hiking Adventures Folder is a blog of the hikes I take in quest of new waterfalls and for better photos of ones I have already seen. Most of the hikes are in Georgia since I moved to the Atlanta area in December, 2014. Each Gallery in the Hiking Adventures Folder contains photos, basic directions and commentary of the hike. There are a lot of waterfall photos in the Adventures Folder that are not in the Waterfall Folder. The Waterfalls Folder contains more than 190 photos of waterfalls in Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina. While these 190+ waterfalls are only a fraction of what I have photographed, they are a good representation of the broad diversity of waterfalls found in the mountains of these three states. The other three folders contain "out takes" from my adventures. Click on each folder to see the galleries in that folder. You can email me at